Chat cable - record and stream party chat

Chat Cable: record and stream your party chat with any Hauppauge game recorder and Hauppauge Capture

  • Connects to your headset and game controller
  • Works with headsets using pink/green audio connectors (example: Turtle Beach) plus headsets with 4-pin 3.5 mm connectors (example: Astro A40)
  • Has long 6.5 ft cable with chat audio splitter to the LineIn jack on your PC
  • Includes a pink/green audio to 4-pin 3.5mm adapter for use with Turtle Beach headsets (and other headsets using pink/green audio connectors)
  • Compatible with all Hauppauge Game recorders including the HD PVR 60, HD PVR 2, HD PVR Rocket and Colossus 2
  • Includes part numbers 6021372 (chat audio splitter) and 6021373 (pink/green adapter)
Chat cable - record and stream party chat
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  • Item #: 01632
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Price $9.95